Saturday, May 1, 2021 – 10 am – Auction – Harrah, Ok

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  • This Auction consists of The Remaining  Personal Property/Household Belongings of Budd & Linda Parrish (Budd S. Parrish Trust)

  • ALL Contents will be sold “to the bare walls”

  • Auction Format will be “Live/Walk Through” (NO Pre-Lotted LIST)

  • ALL Items MUST be removed Day Of Auction

  • Items sold in “Group Quantities/Dealer Lots/Individual Pieces”  ALL subject to Auctioneers Discretion

  • Be prepared-Bring a Helper-There are numerous Items-Parking is Limited within close proximity to the Home-Pre determine to be COURTEOUS-plan ahead-Bring Boxes/Totes/Misc. for merchandise removal

  • Concessions NOT provided-Property is remote-Bring snacks/drinks/etc

  • Call Auctioneer for specific questions

  • List AND Photos are PARTIAL-There is “NO Telling” what may show up during merchandise arrangement

  • Mr./Mrs. Parrish were World travelers with MANY International items in this Auction

  • Location—  102494 S. 3330 Rd., Harrah, OK 73045

  • TERMS: Cash, Credit Card, In-State Checks ONLY!

  • Buyers who pay with credit or debit card will have a 3.50% non-cash adjustment displayed on your receipt.

  • Sales Tax will be charged unless exemption certification provided

  • Announcements made day of auction super-cede all advertisements

  • Not responsible for accidents

  • Call for specific questions

    Partial List & Pictures Below:

    PARTIAL LIST of ITEMS to include:  MSC 13×40 Gap Bed Lathe Complete with follower rest/steady rest/taper attachment/phase 3 tool holder/5C collet closer/220V; (30)+/- Tool Blocks; (3) Qty Chucks 3-4-6 Jaw; D3 Collet Closer; RF Model 45 Milling/Drilling Machine with Digital Read Out; Central Machinery 6” Tool Grinder; Cutter Master Tool Sharpener; Dividing Head Indexer; Unimat Mini Lathe(complete); Lincoln SP-135 Mig Welder with cart; Miller Dynasty 200 Mig Welder; MillerMatic 211 Auto Set MIG Welding Machine; (2) Qty SETS Oxy-Acetylene Torch/Bottles/Carts; Mini Fridge; Steel Shop Carts; Drills; Cordless Tools of ALL Kinds; Drill Bit SETS; Shelving(Wood & Steel); Hand Tools; Wrenches; Sockets; Hammers; Screwdrivers; Pliers; Specialty Tools; Butane Torches; Central Machinery Combo Disc/Belt sander; (2) Qty Upright Air Compressors; Honda Powermate 8750 Generator; Work Stools; Glass Display case; Metal cabinets; Reloading Powder; Brass; 1000’s Bullets; Copper Tubing; Holsters; Hornady Sonic cleaner; Gun Barrels; Metal Stock; Wood Stock; Aluminum Stock; 100’s Gun Books; (3) Qty S.S. Work Benches; Cyclone Bead Blaster; King 20 gal parts Washer; Chrony 35P Chronograph; S.S. Tool Chest; Reloading Press; Bench Grinders; welding hoods/tools/misc.; grinder blades; Vise; Ammunition; Delta Drill Press; Organizers; Bolts; Screws; washers; Oils; Lubes; Sprays; Allen Wrenches; Pin Guage SETS; Starret Calipers, Micrometers, Gauges, Indicators; Parallels; ProTractors; Crowfoots; Machinist Levels; Torque Wrenches, Dremmel Tools; Punches; Chisels; JH Williams Tool Holders; Clamps; Dies; Boring Bars; Gauge Blocks; 5C Collets; MT3 Tool Holders; Battery Chargers; Milwaulkee Chop Saw; File cabinets; Chains; Boomers; Lawn Tools; Cherry Picker; Ladders; Chainsaws; Rigid Table Saw; Radial Arm Saw; Antique Scales; Water Pump; Trash Cans; Bolt Bins; DeWalt Mitre Saw; Peerless Gem 8143 Antique Paper Shear; Filters; treadmill; Straps; Flat Screen TV’s; Books; Craft Supplies; Office Supplies; Vintage Primitives; Pulleys; Bells; Scales; saws; Jars; Lamps; Curios; Figurines; Maps; Printers; Sewing Supplies; Knick-Knacks; decorations; Gun Cabinet; Pen Collection; Japanese Knives; Kitchen Items; Dining Table; DVD’s; Crystal Glass; Cedar Chest’s; Chest Freezer; Washer-Dryer SET; Refrigerator; Office Chairs; Cappuccino Machines; Extension Cords; Gun Vise; End Mills; Planer Gauges; Dollies; Wheel Carts; AND MANY, MANY OTHER ITEMS Not Listed!