Saturday, December 8, 2012 – Gun Auction – Goldsby, OK

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Auction #1 

  • Saturday December 8, 2012  | 10 am | 3535 South Main, Goldsby, OK 73093 | Location Map
  • Inside the heated tent!
  • 250 GUNS plus small portion of AMMO

The following gun list is PARTIAL.  Many guns unwrapped at time of print.  Approximately 90% of pistols are Brand New-In-The-Box.  Approximately 50% of long guns are Brand New-In-The-Box.  This Auction consists of mainly HIGH GRADE GUNS!  Call for details – See master picture list.  Guns were picked randomly.  Remaining firearms from master list to auction beginning January 2013 – KEEP checking webpage.

  • There are NO class III weapons in this auction.
  • ATF Form 4473 Required to purchase.
  • Call for specific details and make sure you show up for the 150 “surprise” guns!
  • Preview from 8a.m. to 10 a.m. ONLY!
  • Cash, Credit Card w/3% fee, certified funds, Oklahoma Check accepted.
  •  I guarantee you will be glad to take part in this auction…. Richard

Henry Arms, 22; Glock Mod 29, 10mm; Ruger Mod Blackhawk, 30 carbine; Smith & Wesson Mod 48-4, 22; Glock Mod 34, 9mm; Bushmaster Mod M4; Bushmaster Mod M4; CZ USA; Ruger Mod 10/22 LR; Colt Mod AR-15; Remington Mod 504, 17HMR; Ruger Mod 10/22LR; YUGO Mod 66; H&K Mod P2000; H&K Mod P200SK; Ruger Mod P89; Smith & Wesson Mod 617-6; CZ75 Mod SP01; Glock Mod 19; H&K Mod P20000SK; Sig Sauer Mod P239; Sig Sauer Mod GSR; Sig Sauer Mod P220; Kimber Mod Raptor II; Kimber Mod Desert Warrior; Beretta Mod 92; Ruger Mod Mark II Target; Ruger Mod New Vaquero; Springfield Armory Mod XD 45; Cimarron Firearms; Sig Sauer Mod P232SL; Sig Sauer Mod P238; Ruger Mod LCP; Smith & Wesson Mod Airlite PD; Walther Mod P22; Winchester Mod 1906; Remington Mod 1911R1; Ruger Mod M14; Smith & Wesson Mod M&P45; Glock Mod 23C; Beretta Mod 9000S; Glock Mod 21; Sig Sauer Mod P226; Magnum Research Mod Micro Desert Eagle; Beretta Mod 92FS; Ruger Mod SR9C; Browning Mod Buckmark; Ruger; Mod SR40; Ruger Mod Mark III Target; Browning Mod Buckmark; Smith & Wesson Mod 6296; Springfield Armory Mod XD9; Springfield Armory Mod XD45; Ruger Mod Mark III Target; Remington Mod 870; Winchester Mod 1894; IAC Billerica Mod 97; Winchester Mod M1 Carbine; Quality HMC Mod M1 Carbine; Mauser Mod 1899; Carl Gustafs Mod 1919; Swedish Mauser Mod 1900; Carl Gustafs Mod 1916; Husqvarna Mod 1942; Jap Mod 99; Norinco Mod SKS; Chinese Mod SKS; Remington Mod 700; H&R Mod M1 Garand; British Enfield Mod #4 MK II; Winchester Mod 94E (101 Ranch Commemorative); Ruger Mod 77 17HMR; Swiss Mod K31; Winchester Mod 70; Henry Arms Mod Big Boy 45; Ruger Mod Mini 14; Winchester Mod 1895; Rock River Arms Mod LAR-8; Winchester Mod 50; Tikka Mod T3; FN Mod SLP MK1; Ithaca Mod 72; Winchester Mod 94AE; Remington Mod 700P; Taurus Mod 410 Judge; Taurus Mod 44; TC Encore Mod 209X50 Magnum; TN Tactical Mod Sport .308; Remington Mod 700 .243; Remington Mod 700 .243; Benelli M Mod 12 guage; Browning Mod Gold Fusion 12 guage; Remington Mod 597 .22 WM; Ruger Mod 77 .223 rem; TC Barrel Mod .300 WM; Ntrack Arms Mod 5.45X39; JC Higgins Mod 583.23 12 Guage; Winchester Mod 70; Winchester Mod 70; Russian Mod SKS; Colt Mod Python .38; (NIB)-RARE;  Ruger 10/22 Boy Scouts of America Commemorative(beautiful rare rifle): Lots of “Red Box” Winchesters.