Saturday, December 15, 2012 – Gun Auction – Norman, OK

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  • Saturday December 15, 2012  10 am
  • Cleveland County Fairgrounds | 615 East Robinson Norman, OK 73071 | Location Map
  • Inside the auditorium!
  • 75 Private Collection GUNS plus 15,000 pounds AMMO
  • Must Be 18 yrs of age to purchase long guns/21 yrs of age to purchase hand guns at Auction #2

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  • Guns will sell one-at-a-time, individually
  • Ammunition will sell by-the-box, by-the-case, and in dealer lots

The following guns are a private collection of Ron Janousek, Lindsay Ok, blended with a large amount of new seized ammunition:

S & W Mod 48-4,22 mag; Charter Arms Mod Police Bulldog, 32 H&R mag; Llama Mod 1911, 38 Super; Ruger Mod Single six, 22; S & W Mod Lemon Squeeze, S &W 32 short; Colt Mod Pony, 380; Taurus Mod PT25, 25; Taurus Mod PT 738, 380-(NIB); Star Mod Firestar, 45ACP-(NIB); CZ Mod VZOR70, 32 auto (7.62); Sigarms Mod P220, 45ACP; Sigarms Mod 226, 9mm; Ruger New Model Single Six, 32 H&R mag-(NIB); S&W Mod 642, 38; Colt Mod 22 Target, 22.LR; Ruger Mod NRA 1916-2002, 22LR-(NIB); S&W Mod 22A-1, 22LR-(NIB); Ruger Mod Single Six, 32H&R mag-(NIB); Husqvarna Mod 1907, 380/9mm; Ruger Mod SP101, 22LR; S&W Mod 422, 22; Colt Mod Army Special, 41 Colt; Ruger, New Model Blackhawk, 30 carbine-(NIB); Ruger Mod Single Six Flat Top pre-warning, 22LR-(NIB); Colt Mod Trooper MKIII, 357 mag; Taurus Mod M38SA, 38spl/357mag-(NIB); Uberti Mod SA Cattleman, 45LC; Uberti Mod P 32, WCF 32-20-(NIB); Browning Mod Practical Tutone, 9mm; Browning Mod Practical Tutone, 40 S&W; Browning Mod Practical BDM, 9mm; S&W Mod 586-3, 357 mag; Colt Mod MK IV series 80, 38 Super; Colt Mod MK IV series 70, 9mm; Colt Mod MK IV series 70, 45ACP; Ruger Mod Charger, 22LR-(NIB); Rossi Mod Circuit Judge, 22LR/22mag – (NIB); Norinco Mod SKS, 7.62X39; Norinco Mod SKS, 7.62X39; Stevens Mod 22-410, 22LR/410ga; Stevens Mod 67 Series E, 410 ga; Springfield Mod 67 series B, 20ga; Winchester Mod 490, 22LR; Henry Mod Golden Boy, 357mag; Plainfield Mod M1, 30 cal; US Carbine Universal Mod M1, 30 cal; Stevens Mod 325, 22 hornet; Interarms Mod Mark X, 22-250; Ruger Mod 10/22LR, 22LR; Ruger Mod 10/22LR, 22LR; Ruger Mod 10/22LR, 22LR; Israel Military Industries Mod Timber Wolf, 357 mag; Savage Mod Sporter, 32-20; Savage Mod Sporter, 22LR; Iver Johnsons Mod X, 22LR; Browning Mod BAR, 22LR; Marlin Mod Golden 39A, 22LR; Marlin Mod 1894 CL, 32-20; Winchester Mod 9422, 22 mag; Marlin Mod Original 39A, 22LR; Winchester Mod 61, 22SLLR; New England Arms Mod Pardner, 410 ga; Stevens Mod 325A, 30-30; Stevens Mod 59A, 410ga; Browning Mod 81, 308; Winchester Mod 94 Trails End Hunter, 38-55-(NIB); Browning Mod BPS Field, 28ga-(NIB); Henry Mod H001V, 17HMR-(NIB); Ruger Mod 10/22 laser stock, 22LR-(NIB); Ruger Mod 10/22 laser stock, 22LR-(NIB); Browning Mod 22Auto, 22LR; Aries Mod MK7900 Crusader Generation III Night Vision Scope –(NIB)

  • Plus approximately 17,000 pounds ammunition.  Every size, kind, caliber, & brand imaginable.
  • To be sold by the box–case–carton–can–and in dealer lots who knows how many rounds there could be.
  • Ammo is stacked approximately four feet deep, covering a 15ftx20ft room!!!
  • Ammo is BRAND NEW from major Manufacturers NOT re-loads.
  • If you need ammo–this is the REAL DEAL, plus (5) surprise guns Ron says will make anyone proud they came, and a minimum of 20 lots GOLD and SILVER coins.
  • Preview from 8am-10am ONLY!  
  • Cash, Credit Card w/3% fee, certified funds, Oklahoma check accepted 
  • Must be 18 years old to purchase long guns; 21 years old to purchase handguns
  • This collection is truly remarkable… Richard